System Design

CableGrid has successfully completed our latest complete cable system project with one of Australia’s leading power utilities. This project was designed and certified by an Australian CPE covering all aspects of the project. We were responsible for a performance based design incorporating design, cable ratings study and laying formation, certification, supply, installation, supervision, testing and commissioning.


CableGrid is capable of providing the necessary expertise to cover all cable system projects in both the power utility and industrial sectors.

System Design Sample    System Design Samples2

Cable System Design Recommendations

Cable System Modelling – Ratings, Bonding and Installation Conditions

CYME cap modeling

Cable System Earthing

Cable Installation Methodology

Cable Cleating Systems

Cable Installation Supervision – Testing & ITP’s

Cable Termination Structures

Joint Bays & Link Box Pits

Cable Jointing, Planning and Coordination

Cable Jointing Methodology

Cable System Testing & Commissioning

Cable System Fault Diagnosis

Cable System Spares & Maintenance

Maintenance Recommendations

DTS Systems – Selection, Supply & Installation